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31rd August 2000:

A small news update...

- Thanks to efforts made by Quietust & Co, MMC5 is now working better than ever...
- I have made NESten's XLater (Basically a color space converter) into a DLL file. What this actually means, is that you can now make external DLL's with your own custom image effects.
- Some interesting bugs in the File loading window have been removed.
- VS games now work, and you can insert coins.
- A little code cleanup.
- Still looking for a bug concerning cheats.
- Need to redo .ini system...
- Need to redo mapper interface...
- Need to complete XLater DLL interface.


XLater 2x Interlaced Mode

23rd April 2000:

NESten 0.6 Beta Final

* Important *
Please delete the old version of NESten before installing this version,
or you will have a lot of the mappers double up... Thy hast been warned!

- Thanks to the efforts of Kevin Horton, NESten now has a palette generated from an actual formula... This means you can set the hue and tint to your own custom feeling :)
- Added two new .PAL files, KHorton.pal & k0rn.pal
- Fixed a PPU bug causing NESten to GPF (now Time Lord/Vice works)
- Fixed another PPU bug, causing gfx corruption (now Kirby & TMNT work)
- Fixed the problems with SRAM for the last time?
- Fixed a bug in the DMC channel even Microsoft would be proud of...
- Eliminated the "extra" triangle sound in some games (SMB1)
- Added some stuff to the rom loading dialog.
- Added Next/Prev to NSF player.
- Minor speed improvements.
- Thanks to Jabo for help with improving several Konami Mapper IRQs
- A lot of new mappers added thanks to Quietust.

17th March 2000:

NESten 0.6 Beta Epitah

Please try out this help file created by Kitsune Sniper. It's really good!
(I'd recommend doing right click on the link and save target :)

As usual, some bugfixes...
- Sound wrapping/static fixed. (mainly on CV3j)
- Fixed sound enable/disable bug (arrgh :P)
- Changed how DLL's are loaded. (doesn't keep the DLL's open unless needed)
- Mapper5 and Mapper6 readded. (No, CV3 still doesn't work 70%)
- Probably more fixes which I don't remember :)

New mappers added (Not programmed by me) :
- Mapper 4, 15, 69 and 225 by PrOxY
- Mapper 8, 15, 66, 71 and 78 by The Quietust
- Sources added to the MapperSDK

27th February 2000:

NESten 0.6 Beta Doomsday
- Finally fixed weird colors for good? (Please let that be a yes :)
- Added a mapper header editor for .NES files.
- Moved all mappers out to DLL files.

Now that all the mappers are placed externally, you can start making your own mappers for NESten.
A SDK is supplied with examples, both for C and Delphi. (Thanks to Jabo for the C example)

19th February 2000:

NESten 0.6 Beta Cataclysm
- Fixed problem with Save RAM where it would not save unless the Save RAM already existed.
- Fixed a wicked problem. (Which caused crashes)
- Hopefully restored "weird"/incorrect colors on some computers.
- Added Recently opened files.
- Added Reset configuration.
- Now remembers window position and size.

Yay, my birthday :)

11th February 2000:

Some minor addendments...
- Save RAM Save/Load problem fixed. (I hope, try it out for me)
- Color emphasis added. (Final Fantasy 1, Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy)
- Black/White mode added (SMB3)
- Thread handling partially changed.
- Mapper40 added (SMB2j, "Lost Levels")
- PPU Bug fixed (Fixes Simpsons, Bigfoot)
- Rewrote some DDraw handling. May be slower, but should be more compatible.
- Thanks to Vector for his CHEATS.TXT. (Now go and cheat you lowlife scum :)

Please give me feedback about the stability / compatibility of this version.

5th February 2000:

Been lazy lately haven't I? :P (Too much Unreal Tournament I guess)
- FINALLY got a README file :) Muchos Greatos Thanks to Zophar.
- Added Palette Console, you may now edit the palette to your liking... and save it!
- Mapper25 added.
- The value search in the cheater now accepts numbers greater than 255.

Have fun.

27th January 2000:

What's new...
- 2x screen mode, makes use of 640x480 fullscreen instead of 320x240.
- 2x screen mode allows usage of 100% scanlines.
- Whole lotta core bugs fixed. (I had forgotten an opcode :P)
- Mapper 1 fixed, now (nearly) all MMC1 games work.

- Only the 512k version (correct dump) of DW4 will work.
- Please delete the old .INI files. (They will still work, but contains old info :)

23rd January 2000:

So here is what's cool this time
- RAW PCM added. Adds voice and *THWUMPS* to games
- Game Genie Codes.
- Saving/Loading of Cheats.
- Sound Engine now requires way less CPU power.
- Illegal opcode showing is now optional.
- Dynamic fullscreen mode is now removed.

Be sure to check out the cheat console :)
Will hopefully soon have up a readme file.

19th January 2000:

Only some small changes this time
- Added Autofire. (For you lazy guys... YOU KNOW WHO I MEAN :)
- 8bpp static palette fullscreen speedup.
- General speedup. (But not as much as certain people want...)
- Cheat Searcher (you cheaters!)
- Core bugs fixed. (OOps)

As always, take time to visit my messageboard...

15th January 2000:

Hmmmkkk, Total rewrite of Direct Input :)
- 4 Players support now. (Have a party eh? :)
- Fixed mapper 4 IRQ some. (please let me know if it broke something)
- Fixed Bubble Bobble. (might have fixed other games too)
- Palettes can be changed/loaded. (.PAL extension)

Thanks for feedback, I appreciate it!

11th January 2000:

OOps. Try 0.6 Beta 5b instead :)
- Joysticks work again
- Scanlines now actually do something

11th January 2000:

Well, then we're up to 0.6 Beta 5...
- Fixed 2 core bugs. (FF1, Metroid, Kid Icarus now works)
- Added NESten float mode
- Added drag'n'drop of .NSF & .NES files to NESten.
- Added commandline to NESten, you may now associate NESten with .NES & .NSF files.
- Added Scanlines 50% mode. (please use software Buffers if you notice slowdowns)
- Changed the palette file.
- Changed NESten icon and ROM Loader icons.
- Please visit my messageboard at for bug raports/fan mail :)

9th January 2000:

Guess noone wants this, but still, here is 0.6 Beta 4...
- Fixed frameskipping
- Added Fast forward key (Press BACKSPACE)
- NESten should now work with NT again (But without sound??)
- Oh. Anyone wanted configfile?
- Wav logging, for those of you who really need it :)
- Added a new Fullscreen mode.
- Minor changes to sound.

The new fullscreen mode is Static Palette, under Video->Fullscreen Type
The Dynamic palette should be in general faster on all cards, but may introduce flickering (and slowdowns?)
The Static palette setting is slower, but some video cards might behave a lot nicer with it (?)

8th January 2000:

Put up a FAQ written by W1k (

7th January 2000:

Ok then, what is new in 0.6 Beta 3..
- Done some changes to Sound. (PLEASE let me know if you like it better now!!)
- Made ROM Loader a lot faster when updating!
- Now should work with DirectX 5.0...
- Mapper9 and 10 should be near perfect now.
- Zip file support in ROM Loader.

- Please use the Video->Sleep while Sync'ing option if your machine can handle it!

5th January 2000:

Since people actually seemed to like NESten, what about a new beta...
New stuff:
- Fullscreen mode.
- Better DirectX handling (?)
- Requires DirectX 6.0 (I'll try fixing this as soon as possible :/ )

- If you think NESten is hogging too much resources, please use the Video->Sleep while Sync'ing.
- If performance drops drastically while stretching window, try Video->Buffer->Software
- If you experience static in sound, try Sound->Buffers, and increase the value from 4.
- Fullscreen does not support mid-screen palette changes (Wizards & Warriors)
- Play CV3 US? CPU->Timing->Set from 114 to 150. (Do this BEFORE starting game)
(gfx will still be a bit garbled, but it is playable)

Hopefully I'll have a readme and a FAQ up soon.

3rd January 2000:

Ah. Board FINALLY up. I guess that means it is time to throw out the first ßETA version
NESten too????? PLEASE visit my NESten messageboard for Questions, Comments, Lawsuits.
Hopefully your Questions will help me make a proper FAQ (Fucking Annoying Questions :P)

30th December 1999:

About time to do some updates??? Nah :P
Oh well.... I guess?

14th December 1999:

Added some new shizniz to the Info and Features area. Expect a release when you least expect it!!!

18th November 1999:

Minor status and layout update. AM GOAL. Ktnx?

14th November 1999: